Alex Porat Releases Disco Pop Single “dimension”

Toronto-based artist Alex Porat releases disco pop single “dimension”.

MAN THIS SONG IS CATCHY!!! I heard it on TikTok a few weeks ago and in my Uber home yesterday I was mindlessly scrolling on instagram only to see that she released the song, and I listened to it on repeat for the rest of the ride. It is truly an A+ pop piece.

Lyrically, this song stands out to me a lot compared to other recent pop releases, it’s metaphorical and tells a cool story, it’s unique and feels new, not recycled lyrics about heartbreak we will never hear the end of. The song is giving futuristic disco, and it tells a clear story of obsession and disconnect, how love pushes you to questions like ‘are we in love, in another dimension? / does I ever cross your mind, in another life?’.

She is awesome, exuding confidence, hot girl energy, honesty, and pushing all of us to keep dancing even if it’s in these same four walls. The video is wonderful as well, glowing and sexy, she’s dancing as much as we are. The video features Justin Trash, another Toronto musician, member of the Toronto based boy band, Uptown Boy Band.

“’dimension’ is about being tormented by the idea of wanting someone you can’t have. No matter how hard you try to get this person out of your head you just can’t seem to get rid of them. This song is an acceptance speech acknowledging that some relationships aren’t meant to be, but imagining a world where it could work out”Alex Porat.

I really love this song and have a feeling you will too, stream “dimension” below

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