Santino Le Saint Shares Visuals For “Red”

London-based rising star Santino Le Saint shares visuals for “Red”.

I know I always bring this up, I know, but there’s only a handful of emerging acts that I’ve been invested in since the beginning and London-based rising star Santino Le Saint is one of them. The Brixton artist has come a long way since that night at The Ritz back in 2017 where he stole the show and we all forgot who the headline act was. That’s how amazing he was, and he still is amazing, but somehow still slept on especially here in the UK. On Valentine’s Day he dropped the visuals for “Red”, the stunning standout track taken from his EP Red Pill. The song itself is filled with emotionally charged lyricism and built over a sublime rock-infused alternative R&B production. The accompanying music video is simple but somehow very effective thanks to its red-orange lighting which is visually striking to the eye. This young man truly doesn’t miss.

You can find his singles “The Party” and “Loaded” in our MOOD: ALT. R&B + DARK R&B Playlist.

Watch the music video below:

Stream “Red” below:

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