Asha Gold Releases New Single “Naive”

London-based newcomer Asha Gold releases new single “Naive”.

Already backed by respected platforms such as Rolling Stone, COLORS, The Line of Best Fit and many more tastemakers around the world, emerging London-based artist Asha Gold is one of the most exciting contemporary R&B artists on the rise right now. The thriving newcomer returns with her first single of the year— the excellent “Naive”. Backed by a fresh array of modern R&B with sprinkles of pop, mood-setting piano and a gorgeous vocal performance, she has delivered her best song to date. The song touches on the themes of confusion and being unable to figure a situation, or more likely a person, out is something that’s ever-more relevant. With “Naive”, Asha Gold truly showcases her immense potential and a significant improvement from her debut single “Too Good”— she exudes confidence throughout. Overall, “Naive” is a captivating song laced with gorgeous soulful melodies built over a wonderful production.

“I wrote Naive with Mitch Jones at the end of our very first session. The lyrics just fell out and within an hour we had the song — the verses were almost a freestyle when I was recording them. It’s about the ultimate confusion when someone is giving you mixed signals to the point where you begin to wonder whether they’re doing the same thing with somebody else. When a situation is not progressing, efforts are not reciprocated, and it’s all talk and no action, it feels like it’s more headspace than it’s worth. The beat began as an 808 pattern but we felt it was too conventional, so we replaced everything with these whacky percussion samples which have become integral to my sound and its uniqueness — it’s a song full of surprises” — Asha Gold.

Stream “Naive” below:

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