S.H. Orchid — Say Goodbye

Vermont-based artist S.H. Orchid releases new single “Say Goodbye”

S.H. Orchid is an exciting new addition to the alternative/indie underground music scene, bringing forth a distinct voice that resonates with raw emotion and unconventional flair. Hailing from the isolated mountains of Vermont, he blends the textures of heavy drums, distorted electric guitars, deep basslines and bright falsetto vocals to create a left-field sound with a unique emotional bite.

In his latest single, “Say Goodbye”, he effortlessly blends indie pop, alternative R&B and elements of electronic to create a stunning track with replay value. Drawing inspiration from artists like James Blake, Sega Bodega, Flume, and Ray Laurél, the track invites listeners into a world of introspection and raw vulnerability.

“This track was an attempt to crystallize and process a particularly dark moment in my life. I had been struggling with a long stretch of depression when I was hit with a sort of existential crisis. All of the goals I had been pursuing turned to monotony, and the people I loved felt like strangers. Then suddenly, as I was losing the will to fight, the universe seemed to ask me to stay. Now that it’s out, I realize the song is actually quite life-affirming, and maybe other people can find a sort of hope behind it’s jagged edges.”S.H. Orchid.

Stream “Say Goodbye” below:

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