Roniit — Bloom

Mysterious dark pop artist Roniit shares breathtaking new single “Bloom”

Hailing in the majestic forest just outside of Los Angeles, Roniit is an independent songwriter, producer, vocalist and visual artist who crafts bewitching electronic-centred pop music with a dark sensibility, a mood that seeps not only into her sound but into her visuals as well. Her latest single “Bloom” is a breathtaking track written when she was spending a month away from her love, and feeling inspired by their strength and ability to use alone time to grow and create.

Roniit delivers one of the most outstanding vocal performances you’ll ever hear. Her voice is alluring, you instantly connect with it as well as the lyrics, and you’re taken on this magical journey— hauntingly beautiful. ‘Go my love into bloom, I wanna grow my limbs tall like you’, she sings about her growth with her significant other, and wanting the same for herself. We’ve heard thousands of songs this year, and none of those songs have connected with us as much as “Bloom” has. This is a vocal masterpiece that shouldn’t go unnoticed. Press play and add this gem to your playlists.

“I’ve become the person who wants more alone time than almost anyone I know. When we are alone we grow so much, we are able to hear our inner voice / higher selves. It’s the time to create, to bloom”Roniit.

Stream “Bloom” below:

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Photo Credit: Shelby Lee

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