Retropxssy Shares New Single “Forgetting How to Swim”

London-based rapper Retropxssy shares new single “Forgetting How to Swim”.

It’s been a few months since we were introduced to one of London’s most exciting underground rappers Retropxssy, by another underground rapper named Deijuvhs. If it weren’t for the pandemic outbreak, she would’ve made her DiscoverNü Live debut last month — it was a gig we were all anticipating. However, she’s back with new music, the short but sweet “Forgetting How to Swim”. Her raspy voice is prominent throughout as she effortlessly flows over the production.

“The feeling of walking back from a party in the early hours.  It’s late enough that you meet people going to work. That moment of strangeness. A clash. Disassociation. In these peculiar days, the track takes on a new resonance. The feeling of a street you know so well turned strange. A moment of panic, can I still swim? Yes. You push back against the waves” Retropxssy.

Stream “Forgetting How to Swim” below:

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Photo Credit: @alciszek_

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