REALLIFEALWAYS shares sensual dark R&B track “BOUND TO”

As our favourite acts within the R&B soundscape explore other sounds, the quality of recent releases within that subgenre has been somewhat subpar. It’s been a minute since we’ve been blown away by a song or artist that creates a sound that has played a huge part in our progression as a platform.

24 year-old singer, songwriter and producer REALLIFEALWAYS has released a dark R&B track that has given us hope about the subgenre’s future. His latest offering “BOUND TO” is the perfect late night vibe, and also perfect for a late night drive. Its moody vibe is reminiscent of Canadian dark R&B kings Always Never. His melodic vocals effortlessly flow over the 808-driven production to create a nocturnal R&B track filled with sensual lyrics. This is a must listen— make sure you add it to your playlists too.

Stream “BOUND TO” below:


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