PREMIERE: Drew Harvey Unveils Emotionally-Charged New Single “Another Life”

Arizona-based singer, songwriter and producer Drew Harvey unveils emotionally-charged new single “Another Life”.

Drew Harvey has already established himself as a rising artist within the emo rap and R&B-sphere with catchy vocal melodies and vulnerable, honest writing which many listeners can relate to. Before getting to the stage he is right now in his career, Harvey left his hometown of Ridgefield, Washington and travelled the West Coast, living in areas such as Seattle, the Bay Area and Los Angeles, before moving to Scottsdale, AZ last year. Since moving to Arizona, Harvey has made a significant improvement as an artist, carefully crafting captivating songs which effortlessly combine emo rap, cloud rap and dark R&B well. These releases have garnered attention from notable YouTube curators such as dynmk, Streetfrassmusic, ClassyTracks and Systemic. The latter recently launched a label services and their debut release happens to be Harvey’s stunning new single “Another Life”.

Built over a sublime guitar-infused production with a trap vibe and laced with catchy rap-sung melodies, and an infectious hook, “Another Life” is Drew Harvey’s strongest release thus far thanks to its mainstream appeal. Lyrically, the song takes a look at sudden heartbreak and boils it down to the experiences we all share. Overall, “Another Life” is a beautifully-written and emotionally-driven song that truly showcases Drew Harvey’s immense potential, and a song that most listeners, young or old will be able to connect to in one way or another.

“Throughout my life I’ve been in plenty of relationships that ended abruptly and left someone feeling abandoned. I’ve written a lot about the guilt associated with running from relationships and the motivations behind those decisions. I think those are important things to reflect on, but it’s dishonest for me to write songs from only the perspective of the person that’s leaving, because I’ve been on the other side as well. I felt compelled to write about my experiences of being left and the different set of emotions that come with it”Drew Harvey.

Stream “Another Life” below:

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