Pink Elefants Drop Powerful New Single “Sound of Violence”

Genre-blending duo Pink Elefants drop powerful new single “Sound of Violence”, along with a music video.

Maryland-based duo Pink Elefants is the project of long-time friends Finch (Brian Flores) and Illeven (Joshua Grosscup). Known for combining multiple genres to create their own unique sound, they have released the excellent new single “Sound of Violence”— an intoxicating trap-infused pop banger with replay value and substance. Although it was written pre-pandemic, the lyrical content mirrors the way in which the past year has exposed many of the corrupt elements of our world and how being a passive bystander is no longer an option. Powerful and catchy, “Sound of Violence” is one of those songs that will be relevant for a long time due to its strong message.

The observer in the song narrates as if they are in some lavish party in the hills. At first the party seems perfect until you look closely and peel back the layers. As the veneer begins to decay we can all start to see the darkness underneath” — Pink Elefants.

Stream “Sound of Violence” below:

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