Ann Christine Shines On New Single “MOOD”

Scandinavian pop meets rap in Ann Christine’s new single “MOOD”.

Danish artist and songwriter Ann Christine is currently based in Berlin, where she’s signed to Once Upon A Time In Berlin (Sony ATV). As well as working as a songwriter and being featured on multiple DJ’s and producers songs, she kicked off her own pop project last month with “CCC”. She’s back with new single “MOOD”, a stunning pop track which effortlessly combines elements of rap. With its catchy melodies and its captivating trap-infused production, Ann Christine shows promise and exudes confidence throughout “MOOD”. Expect an EP out sometime this year.

“‘Mood’ is about disappointment. About not feeling satisfied. It’s like a hype that doesn’t live up to itself. Or a bad habit that needs drowning by another bad habit. It’s like bad booze with pretty labels. Bad sex, too. It’s a mood – and I’m the fool that doesn’t learn from my mistakes, so I always do ‘em (at least) twice. But let’s get off of our high horses. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this emotion. So let’s pop another champagne and cheer to the irony of our bad habits, repetitive mistakes and poor decision making. Hurra!!!”Ann Christine.

Stream “MOOD” below:

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Photo Credit: Milena Zara

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