New French-Cameroonian Rapper Mikano Reflects On Gender And Identity On New Single “Silhouette”

Although French hip-hop is the second biggest market for hip-hop in the world, many French rappers struggle to find fame outside of France and French-speaking territories. However, things are about to change as French-Cameroonian newcomer MIKANO has released a pop-driven, Afrotrap single titled “Silhouette” — a genre-bending track that’s entirely in English and blends African elements with British and American styles flawlessly. It’s the first single taken from his forthcoming mixtape Melting Ballons, which is due to be released in Spring 2020

“When I settled down in Paris, I began to compose and write, inspired by the music that I experienced at each stage of my life and my travels. Singing in English isn’t a commercial choice, is the language I spoke growing up and the one I built my flow on.”MIKANO.

“Silhouette” is an enjoyable listen from start to finish with positive undertones as it celebrates the female beauty in all its diversity, and with its visually striking and well-choreographed music video, MIKANO may just be on the right path for international success.

Watch the music video below:

Listen to “Silhouette” below:

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