Moneá — my eyes are open

Richmond, VA alternative R&B artist Moneá returns with gorgeous new single “my eyes are open”

Richmond, VA alternative R&B artist Moneá (pronounced Mo-Nay) established herself as the kind of artist able to take listeners on a spiritual trip while encouraging self-love, unity and self-worth after releasing her much awaited debut EP 777. Today, she returns with the slick and ethereal new single “my eyes are open”. The dreamy track blurs the lines between what is real and what is simply fantasy, as she explores themes of love and the urgency she possesses to chase her goals.

“I’m wide awake but I need some time to reflect, gotta pinch myself cause it’s really hard to accept, this fantasy, I can’t believe this, is this a dream I need to chase it.”Moneá.

Moneá’s breathtaking vocal performance instantly draw you in, flowing beautifully over the excellent production to create a captivating track with lyrics listeners, especially those who work in the creative field will resonate with.

Stream “my eyes are open” below:

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