Molly Payton — Accelerate

Molly Payton shares new single “Accelerate”

Taken from her forthcoming debut full-length album which arrives later this year, emerging artist Molly Payton has unveiled her stunning new single “Accelerate”.

Overall, “Accelerate” is a brilliant track laced with gorgeous melodies and distorted alt-rock guitar, as well as punchy drums. The track is emblematic of Payton taking the driver’s seat after a tumultuous period in her career. It’s accompanied by a striking music video filmed at the iconic Beachlands Speedway in Dunedin, New Zealand.

“‘Accelerate’ was one of the last tracks written for the upcoming album, born from a feeling that there was “something missing” on the record. I had dealt with a lot of the heavier parts of what I’ve been through in the last few years, but I hadn’t fully captured all the chaos and the fun that I’d had as well. I just wanted to write something fun and not take myself too seriously and ‘Accelerate’ was the answer to that. It’s a driving, roaring song about setting yourself free and diving headfirst into things without worrying too much about the consequences. I get asked quite often if I’m going in the singer-songwriter direction rather than this heavier band sound, but I think I’ll always have a foot in each camp because playing a song like this live is the most fun a girl could have.”Molly Payton.

Stream “Accelerate” below:

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