Meyta Shares Stunning New Single “I Must Go”

Producer Meyta shares stunning new single “I Must Go”, a dreamy-dance single featuring Delaney Wesson.

There isn’t much information online about producer Meyta, except he was raised in Huntsville, Alabama and by the age of 16 he first started writing his story of expressing purpose through a soft dance. After releasing his debut single “I Need Your Love”, he decided to settle with the alias Meyta. His latest offering “I Must Go”, is an eclectic track which infuses genres such as electronic and pop music with sprinkles of soul and drum & bass. Delaney Wesson delivers a breathtaking vocal performance which effortlessly matches with the excellent production. Press play.

“I Must Go is a warm journey of a song that I wrote for many moments in life. Overall I want it to be self-interpretable, but for me it’s about doing whatever it takes to find peace”Meyta.

Stream “I Must Go” below:

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