MarlonB! Delivers Excellent New Single “81st Street”

Chicago-based singer-songwriter MarlonB! delivers excellent new single “81st Street”.

There isn’t much information on MarlonB! online, and he’s something like a hidden gem we’re blessed to have stumbled upon. We’re known for featuring an electronic-centred style of R&B music often infused with trap music, and other similar sounds that combine genres such as pop, rap and at times indie music. Hearing “81st Street” has been somewhat refreshing for us, especially in this era of music.

Hailing from the Southside of Chicago, MarlonB! has delivered one of the most impressive R&B singles you’ll hear this year. Its nostalgic vibe takes us back to a time when R&B music was authentic— he shines on the 80’s inspired track as he sings about growing up in a city that has been demonised so much. His raspy vocal performance and the production fit so well, creating a memorable song that details the struggle of most black people in America who are raised in areas made for them to sadly fail.

Stream “81st Street” below:

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Photo Credit: @photosbyphil_

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