Madison Beer Unveils Vulnerable Single “Stained Glass”

Madison Beer unveils vulnerable single “Stained Glass”, taken from her upcoming debut album.

After performing the song on an Instagram Live Session on 20th March to over 350,000 viewers from her home in New York, fans flocked to Epic Records‘ Instagram, demanding the song to be released. Rising pop star Madison Beer has finally given her fans what they’ve asked for, her latest single “Stained Glass”. It’s a beautifully-sung and powerful record with a relatable storyline built over a compelling production that has mainstream appeal. Unlike many other stars out there, Beer bares her soul and sings with so much honesty, creating an emotional connection with listeners. Her debut album is slated for release later this year, and we’re excited to hear it.

“I wrote Stained Glass at a time where I was really struggling mentally. This song was my message, not only to the public, but to those around me, to be more gentle on people and not judge them so hard, because you never know what someone’s been through. People sometimes assume that I’m ok, when I’m not; people don’t really see the parts of me that are the ugly, sad or depressed, they only see the sides they want to see, or the sides I feel comfortable to show because of the scrutiny that I’ve been under in my life. The stones lyric in the chorus refer to the traditional metaphor for people’s words and the lyric saying ‘I just might break’ is where I have finally shown my vulnerability in its absolute form” — Madison Beer.

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