Lulise Unveils Sultry New Single “Read My Hips”

Los Angeles-based singer-songwiter Lulise exudes confidence on her debut single “Read My Hips” — a sultry R&B track created to elicit feelings that can only be expressed through body language.

“The song was originally inspired by Shawn Mendes’ “Where Were You In The Morning'”. mentions Lulise. “Something about that song just got me moving and made my blood boil–it fired me up and got me inspired–so immediately I wanted to write a song that made me feel like this song did.”

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande, she shines with a breathtaking vocal performance over the slick Pretty Sister-production. This may be the beginning of something special for Lulise.

Listen to “Read My Hips” below:

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Picture credit: Cody Burdette

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