LUCA — Wake Up

Harlem, NY emerging artist LUCA returns with intimate R&B anthem “Wake Up”

Harlem-based singer-songwriter LUCA makes a compelling return with his mesmerising new single, “Wake Up”. The track, accompanied by a striking music video, is the third and final single taken from his much anticipated debut EP Decisions. He continues to captivate listeners with his evolving sound and artistic vision, solidifying his position as one of the most exciting emerging talents in the world.

Lyrically, the track is about a chase for love packed with tension. It’s meant to describe the intimate moments before you know you’re in love, like that internal push and pull of insecurity when you’re encountering someone new. Brilliant as always, LUCA once again showcases his outstanding songwriting and soulful vocals which instantly draws listeners in.

Stream “Wake Up” below:

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