LOUD HOUND — Hot Temperature

LOUD HOUND releases stunning new single “Hot Temperature”

Singer-songwriter Tommy Florio aka LOUD HOUND graces DNü again with another must-listen track, “Hot Temperature”. His signature production prowess paired with sticky melodies creates an uplifting summer vibe with replay value. What’s even more intriguing is the backstory— the song was written the day after a really bad accident. Overall, his ability to weave personal resilience into musical brilliance is truly commendable.

“I wrote this song back in 2020 the day after a really bad car accident. It was a scary accident and it shook me up quite a bit. I tried not to drive as much as I could for a month or so afterwards. I started to take a tally of my life and evaluate it a bit more seriously. We’re all going to die one day so why not write the songs we want to write or do the things we want to do. I wanted to try something different with my music and push myself with production, songwriting and my voice. Inevitably and ironically, Hot Temperature would lay dormant on my hard drive for a few years because I was too shy to release it. The song is really just a heightened, “cool” version of myself pushing myself for improvement and leaning into the spaces that make me uncomfortable.”LOUD HOUND.

Stream “Hot Temperature” below:

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