LU KALA Shares Powerful New Single “Body Knew”

Canadian artist LU KALA shines on her powerful new single “Body Knew” — a must listen.

The emerging talent immigrated to Canada from the Democratic Republic of Congo at the age of three and is gifted with a talent for writing striking pop tracks and memorable hooks. She has written for both local artists as another vocal powerhouse Jennifer Hudson, landing on the R&B superstars 2014 JHUD album.

While her songwriting was successful, she was hungry for more, however, she had a unique voice that didn’t conform to the “black girl” R&B vocal style producers assumed they’d hear. Her voice is intense, raw and mercurial with an ability to lean into rock, soul and pop. “With me being both black and plus size, I think people expect a very specific voice and style. And while I can sing those songs, I express myself differently,” she says.

Her latest release “Body Knew” is a powerful single that truly defines her as an artist. With one of the most unique alluring voices you’ll hear in pop music today, LU KALA’s vocal performance instantly connects with listeners as she sings about trying to move on from an unfaithful partner. Although it’s an emotionally-driven song, there’s something beautiful and uplifting about this record. It’s filled with raw emotion and it has a universal appeal.

Stream “Body Knew” below:

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