Loby Unveils New Single “Middle of the Night”

Emerging R&B artist Loby unveils new single “Middle of the Night”.

Alternative/Dark R&B is a genre that created our platform after discovering exciting artists such as Darci, Always Never, Teflon Sega, pre kai ro and more on SoundCloud and YouTube a few years ago. Recently, we’ve been blessed with dozens of impressive new acts who create similar sounds, such as Shaker, Aaryan Shah and now the mysterious Loby.

Drawing influence from the likes of The Weeknd, Bryson Tiller and Sabrina Claudio, emerging artist Loby combines multiple genres to create his smooth, sensual and ambient sound. His latest offering “Middle of the Night” is a solid late night vibe built over a captivating production. The song touches on the complications of a love triangle and the temptations and distractions associated with that. Overall, it’s a thoroughly enjoyable listen, and also a catchy song by the promising artist.

“We are all going through changes, taking risks, and making decisions every day. Although some might seem less evident than others, these adaptations make us the people we are today and that is completely okay. Sometimes it is necessary to overcome the fear of this, because these changes might benefit us better in the long run” Loby.

Stream “Middle of the Night” below:

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