Lily Lane Shares New Single “Running Back To You”

After relaunching her music project with the racy single and music video for “Thirsty” back in July (an all-girl celebration of female sexuality and empowerment), Lily Lane has unveiled her brand new single titled “Running Back to You” — an emotionally-driven R&B record that showcases her incredible vocal range.

“I released my most personal song yet “Running Back to You” the tale of a queer romance gone awry, an “on again/off again” situation where I just can’t quite walk away from my paramour. “I know what they say, she should walk away, telling me it’s just a phase, feelings of your skin, pulling me back in, can’t get you off my brain” is belted over a haunting synthesizer, letting the audience know my partner is breaking by heart by denying her same-sex attraction, and their romantic relationship, by writing it off as a phase. As the chorus builds to a drop, my voice, in layers pitched octaves down, whispers “Running Back to You”, a hook that is sure to be stuck in your head for weeks to come (I think)”Lily Lane.

Listen to “Running Back to You” below:

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