Anuka Links Up With fiction On New Single “Problem Solved”

Anuka has been on our radar since we first discovered her brilliant single “Psychedellic Addict” on SoundCloud — that was a refreshing sound that made us a fan of her music. On a personal level it’s been an up and down year for the talented Dutch singer-songwriter, she’s dealt with a break up and even lost her voice for two months after being diagnosed with pertussis aka whooping cough. Despite that, she has shown the utmost resilience by bouncing back with a captivating new single titled “Problem Solved” featuring fiction.

“The song portrays the vibe between two people in a long distance relationship. Fortunately these days we don’t have to worry about seeing and/or hearing each other, even if we’re far apart. ‘Problem Solved’ celebrates the convenience of Facetime” Anuka.

For someone who has been through it this year, “Problem Solved” is a triumphant return to her very best. She delivers a breathtaking and alluring vocal performance on this sultry number — it’s an enjoyable collaboration that many listeners will connect to.

Listen to “Problem Solved” below:

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