LEVELSEVEN Releases Gorgeous New Single “I Wove A Garment For You”

Canadian artist LEVELSEVEN returns with gorgeous new single “I Wove A Garment For You”.

It’s been a year and a half since Guelph, Ontario artist LEVELSEVEN aka Nina Platiša blessed us with her captivating debut single “Your Lust”. And you wouldn’t believe this, just a week before we received a submission of her new single, we were wondering what had happened to her— scary right? Anyway, she returns with the gorgeous new single “I Wove A Garment For You”— she shines with a breathtaking vocal performance against minimalist beats and soft synths. Effortlessly combining R&B with elements of electronic music, LEVELSEVEN has delivered another impressive release well-worth a listen, and we hope she continues to release more. Press play.

“I thought about how the act of creating something for someone is in some small way an act of devotion. For several years I have woven textiles on a wooden loom. Once woven and washed, the threads of fabric unite to become one garment. “I Wove A Garment For You” is the song of a weaver who has woven a garment for someone she loves. The garment is the embodiment of the weaver’s care and commitment. She sings to the wearer: “and if you outgrew, I’d measure, I’d measure”, pledging to adjust the garment as they grow together, never apart” — LEVELSEVEN.

Stream “I Wove A Garment For You” below:

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