Fresh Sounds [27/11/2020]

In terms of overall quality of submissions we’ve received this year, this month has been quite underwhelming. However, today or this week, the quality of releases or music we’ve discovered has been outstanding. Below are a few of our favourite releases this week that have saved November. Press play and add your favourites to your playlists.

ScareDaCat — Ain’t Keen

Irish artist and producer ScareDaCat’s second single “Ain’t Keen” is one of the best songs you’ll hear this week, this month and also this year. It’s a brutally honest track built over a compelling lo-fi pop production which uses heavy themes of mental conflict. A refreshing new act with the potential to be a star.

alwyszay — Zone

Newcomer alwyszay impressed us with his debut single “Flip Phone”, he returns with second single “Zone”— another atmospheric late night vibe with replay value.

Moseley — Show Me

There seems to be many UK R&B acts that have this mentality where they believe R&B is overlooked over here, and then there’s the likes of 451, Santino Le Saint, Fabian Secon and this impressive new act Moseley who are combining R&B music with elements of trap to create vibrant songs that doesn’t sound outdated. Keep your eyes on this young man hailing from the North West, UK.

Villette — Angle

New Zealand singer-songwriter Villette generated a crazy buzz a few years ago, then sadly went quiet— we believe she got married and focused on family etc. However, this year she made a comeback and “Angle” is her best release thus far— a sultry alternative R&B gem. Press play

pre kai ro — Leon

Inspired by the legendary film Leon, rising Egyptian artist pre kai ro stays on form with his impressive new single “Leon”. This ones super catchy.

Olive Amun — Do U Wrong

22 year-old Olive Amun hails from Melbourne and is primed to be the next Australian commanding attention in the alternative hip-hop scene. With its commercial-appeal and replay value, Amun’s destined for the top.

Jeida Woods — SKIN

Zambian-born R&B artist Jeida Woods has just releases his debut EP HIVE, and on it is the cinematic and captivating track “SKIN”.

Busty and the Bass — Eddie

“Eddie” is a smooth, and soulful R&B jam by Montréal-based 8-piece soul-jazz collective Busty and the Bass.

Feature image: ScareDaCat

Ocelot — Sun silmillä