Laica Releases New Single “love u lately”

Indie-pop Philippine-raised, California-based artist Laica releases sweet new single and video for “love u lately”.

Today we present to you Laica. LA based singer/songwriter touching on the relatable carnival that is the dating game in her new catchy single “love u lately”. She released this alongside “out of touch” the first singles of her rollout for I’m so fine at being lonely the album, set to debut on June 8th.

Laica was born in Abu Dhabi, grew up in the Philippines, and is currently making music in California. Her body of work shows beautiful lyricism, and her voice is one to dance to, cry to, a voice that makes you feel the sunshine of Cali and how it influences the music that erupts from LA.

The video is also an absolute treat. It’s adorable, it’s funny, it’s unique. Check it out down below.

Laica has this to say about her newest release:

“”love u lately” is basically about the dating game and trying to figure out how the other person is feeling/thinking but getting mixed feelings so you do the same cause you reciprocate whatever energy or vibes they give you.

Stream “love u lately” below:

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Photo Credit: Maya Chisem

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