LA-based polymath Kevin George continues his prolific form with new single “IF LOOKS COULD KILL”

In terms of form and consistency, there’s no other emerging artist on Kevin George’s level right now. He’s back with another solid offering— the summer ready and bouncy “IF LOOKS COULD KILL”. Once again showcasing his versatility as an artist, the trap-infused vibe has elements of rage, a subgenre of hip-hop that’s on the rise within underground scenes around the world.

“If Looks Could Kill came about in my first session with D Work & JHune. We cooked it in like 6 hours, from scratch. It’s inspired by one my songs called “101 Freestyle” and just all the rage style beats the kids were cooking up last summer. We wanted to push the rage sonics forward a bit & just make something fun that we can go crazy to.. the song lyrically is a fun play on the classic phrase “IF LOOKS COULD KILL” it’s just me finally stunting on my haters for once.. saying fuck off I’m the shit! “if your looks could kill. I’d be dead right now” haters, can’t stand seeing you win. but I’m going to keep winning regardless because my intentions are pure, I work hard & i stay hungry.”Kevin George.

Stream “IF LOOKS COULD KILL” below:

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