Kaisha Returns With Soulful New Single “Predicament”

Malaysian-born, Brighton-based singer-songwriter Kaisha returns with soulful new single “Predicament”.

Brighton-based singer-songwriter Kaisha caught our attention last year with the captivating “Ready Set Go”, we even had the opportunity to do a Q&A with her during the UK’s first national lockdown where we found out more about her background. Born in Malaysia, she moved to Brighton in 2015 to study, and also immersing herself in the local underground scenes. Her latest offering “Predicament” is another captivating track which instantly draws you in with its alluring harmonies and a driving R&B groove, produced by James Berkeley of Yakul. Kaisha sounds better and more confident than previous releases as she puts her own unique spin on a sound inspired by the likes of The Internet, Vanjess and Mahalia. Lyrically, the song is about helping a loved one who is mentally suffering in silence but doesn’t want to reach out for help— a topic many listeners will be able to relate to. Overall, “Predicament” is a beautifully-sung song with emotionally-driven lyrics built over a gorgeous production that places Kaisha among some of the best emerging artists around today.

“Undoubtedly, everyone is feeling some sort of way since the world’s turned upside down. I just want this track to remind anyone listening that it’s okay to reach out and ask for help- we’re here, and we want to” Kaisha.

Stream “Predicament” below:

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Photo Credit: Emilie Risi

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