Juliet Ariel Teams Up With Laylizzy On Afro-Latin Club Ballad “Wish You Were Here”

French artist Juliet Ariel teams up with Laylizzy on Afro-Latin club ballad “Wish You Were Here”.

Born in D.R. Congo, and also of African and Portuguese descent, French singer-songwriter Juliet Ariel grew up in Paris and was initially inspired by the art and fashion scene there. In her teenage years, she got her first taste of French electronic music artists such as Justice and Daft Punk, who still inspire her today. She recently relocated down under to sunny Australia, where she found inspiration for her new music. Her new single “Wish You Were Here” is a vibrant feel-good Afro-Latin club ballad with Mozambican artist Laylizzy. Although it’s an emotionally-driven song, there’s a summery vibe throughout which gives listeners some sort of hope despite the melancholic tone thanks to its lush production and Juliet’s chilled toned vocals, as well as Laylizzy’s smooth response in both Portuguese and English.

Feelings are like waves, they come and go, meaning you can’t expect a good thing to last forever. When I wrote “Wish You Were Here” I wanted to express how I felt about the end of something great. Turning my fear of loss into a powerful song was a way for me to move on and look back and smile” — Juliet Ariel.

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