Jayde — all i wanted

Canadian singer-songwriter Jayde delivers reflective new single “all i wanted”

As an emerging artist you’ll find yourself in what is considered a crowded and chaotic world where everyone is trying to make it. These artists are often ignored in the beginning, until someone important or a group of people validate their music, which in turn creates a snowball effect. Or for some emerging artists, they go viral— but as we’ve seen in recent years, going viral doesn’t equate to sustained success. And for us, it’s always refreshing to hear an emerging artist sing about their dreams as well as doubts.

Canadian singer-songwriter Jayde is a talented artist with immense potential, and on her latest offering “all i wanted” she details the feeling of goals, hopes and dreams slipping out of reach. Beautifully-written and accompanied by a striking lyric video, she delivers a smooth vocal performance over a well-polished pop production. Although the song is from her perspective, the lyrics will resonate with people from all walks of life. “all i wanted” has emotional undertones, but its upbeat production evoke feelings of happiness, optimism and energy.

“‘all i wanted’ is about getting what you thought would bring you happiness but then still feeling unfulfilled. It’s about the debilitating realization that your dreams were way more exciting before you achieved them and then questioning everything you’ve ever wanted.” — Jayde.

Stream “all i wanted” below:

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Photo Credit: Pat Ryder

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