Jamie Lane Shares New Single “Stranger”

Australian artist Jamie Lane shares electronic-centred R&B jam “Stranger”.

Known for pushing the envelope of contemporary electronic music, emerging act Jamie Lane has been invested in his vision of creating ethereal and cerebral songs leading up to his debut project in early 2021. His latest offering “Stranger” is a vibrant song which seamlessly blends R&B and electronic music, as he delivers an infectious hook over a vibrant production. The song details his desire for a meaningful connection with someone who is stuck trying to appease their online followers— a sentiment most listeners will be able to relate to in some way. Press play and add this banger to your playlists.

“The song is a dialogue of things I’ve wished I’d said. It’s hard to connect with people on an authentic level these days and experience something real. A lot of people are governed by social media, status and what they can get from others whereas I’m looking for substance, especially in the people I spend time with”Jamie Lane.

Stream “Stranger” below:

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