Issermann Releases Debut Single “Throated”

London-based artist Issermann shares debut single “Throated” — a raw and brutally honest song that will resonate with many listeners.

Adopted by London 12 years ago, Issermann has been through a multitude of creative projects as a writer, producer, performer and more, before using these influences and experiences on his own personal project. In the past he had originally produced music for South London-based rappers and during his teenage years he was a metal singer — all of this experiences and his ability to blend different genres have played a part and in a way inspired his debut single “Throated”. There are elements of alternative R&B with sprinkles of electronic rock and dark pop here as he bares his soul with emotional content.

“I was writing about a time in my life when I was losing the battle with anxiety. I felt a literal lump in my throat – a manifestation of all the wasted opportunities and unfulfilled ambitions. It was making me gag and making me sick. In ‘Throated’, I’m speaking to that other voice inside me, living out this fight to recognise myself again”Issermann.

Stream “Throated” below:

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