Homegrown List [Ones to Watch in 2019]

The homegrown list features artists based in the UK and Ireland, some artists are affiliated with DiscoverNü or have performed at our music showcases in the past.

Teri Eloise

Southampton-based singer-songwriter Teri Eloise made her mark on the exquisite R&B and trap infused single “Blossom”. Her sound is very current and she already looks like a star.


Bristol-based singer-songwriter LENN has had an impressive year, her singles “I Know How”, “Cheap Talk” and “Riding Shotgun” amassed 100,000 streams on Spotify. Well-polished pop with a hint of electronic music.


London-based singer-songwriter Alichè is managed by our music management team Nü Inc. Sound. She had a strong 2018, selling out two of her three headline shows in London and releasing her captivating debut single “B.B.I”. A simply genuine, hardworking and talented individual, expect big things in 2019. Alluring R&B and soul music with a hint of hip-hop.


London-based singer-songwriter Glorynade’s official debut single “Better” was our song of the year. Therefore we’ve rightly placed her on this list, she has the potential to be huge and we believe she can achieve that if she continues putting in work. Polished soulful R&B.

Gabriella Vixen

The singer-songwriter from South London has a bright future ahead of her. She infuses R&B and soul effortlessly, built over impressive and appealing productions. Remember the name.



Milton Keynes-based singer-songwriter Talitha is an interesting artist, she reminds us of Tinashe. Super talented, she can sing well, she writes her own songs and she can dance. Although she’s praised by her peers, she’s often overlooked by potential fans. We’re predicting a solid return to music for her in 2019, and you should definitely check out her music. You won’t regret it. Captivating R&B and trap infused sound.

is an electro-pop artist based in Dublin, Ireland. We recently stumbled on her music and haven’t looked back since. The anthemic “Feel Better” already shows she has a huge potential, and she looks like a pop star too. Win.


Although she spends most of her time in the US, rising Irish artist FEYI makes the list. Her style of music is a combination of R&B, trap and hip-hop, sprinkled with catchy melodic hooks.


London-based rapper HEN$HAW is arguably the most gifted member of the underground hip-hop collective LOVE SEPT and another artist managed by Nü Inc. Sound. His razor-sharp delivery and dark lyrics over menacing productions by his producer goodbyechase proves he’s a rapper you should keep your eyes on. His music is a combination of drill, emo rap, hip-hop and grime.

Zachary Aghaizu

The multi-talented London-based artist Zachary Aghaizu has been generating a little buzz in the past three months. Infusing Soulful R&B and world music with relatable lyrics, Aghaizu’s music should connect with most listeners.


London-based band STITCH deftly infuse alternative, pop and electronic music. Their energetic live shows is something a music lover should witness once in their lifetime. The band are always working on new music and we’re expecting their new music to be their breakthrough in 2019.

Rebecca Winter

The charming London-based singer-songwriter Rebecca Winter has been making a lot of noise recently and we’ve been closely watching. Her enjoyable current single “Pree Me” continues to grow, it could possibly become her breakthrough single if it stays that way. Expect big things in 2019.

Greta Jaime

She may be only 18 years-old but the London-based singer-songwriter and producer Greta Jaime has bags of experience already within music, such as performing at some of the best venues in London in the past few years. Her delightful alternative pop music will no doubt win her many new fans.


The Derby-based hip-hop group have been quietly putting in work for the past 18 months. Their music continues to improve as they gain more media coverage. 2019 may just be the year when more people notice them.

Lili Caseley

The multi-talented singer-songwriter of Portuguese and French descent is an artist to watch closely. She’s already received radio airplay on BBC Radio 1xtra, BBC Radio 6 and has been supported by respected music platforms such as CLASH and Notion. Captivating soulful pop.


As trap metal superstar Scarlxrd introduces his enigmatic sound to the rest of the world, there are young artists around the world following suit such as LOVE SEPT. member and Oxford-based BVD LVD. His in-your-face aggressive music infuses trap, metal and screamo efficiently. We’re expecting a debut album next year—that could possibly open new doors for him.



Bristol-based singer-songwriter Mouse released her debut single “3 Weeks” back in October and it’s one of our favourite songs released this year. We’re anticipating her next release and believe it could be bigger and better than “3 Weeks” — definitely someone to watch in 2019.



London-based singer-songwriter Melodi has been performing around the city for the past few years. Her debut single “Dance With Me” and current single “So Good” showcases her brilliant songwriting and vocal abilities. We’re looking forward to hearing more from her in 2019. A perfect blend of soul, R&B and indie.

Honourable mentions: Cheryll, SKT, District 13, ALI3NHEAD and Alex Parvenu.

Featured image: Teri Eloise

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