Hidden Gems: 10 Amazing Artists With Less Than 30,000 Monthly Listeners On Spotify

10 songs you need to listen to by 10 amazing artists with less than 30,000 monthly listeners on Spotify

According to Google; monthly listeners are unique listeners who play your music during a period of 28-day. If your song has 1000 listeners, it means that 1000 people have listened to it for a certain period of time. I’m quite old school, I prefer discovering artists with immense potential instead of getting hyped over an artist with a lot of monthly listeners, followers or just clout in general.

I love watching artists go from nothing to something— I love that organic growth to the top. The key to success in my opinion has always been artist development. As an artist it’s essential to work on your craft on a daily basis, create and record music, perform your music live, grow your fanbase by interacting with your fans, work on your online presence, and let your manager or team (if you have one) handle all the business side of things. A collective effort and good music could take you to the top.

In the past few months I’ve discovered hundreds of artists, but the 10 artists below are artists I would sign and develop myself if I were an A&R at a major record label. They’re all gifted and have their own unique sound that really stands out. Check them out and if you like what you hear, make sure you follow their journey.

Ford Chupik — Feelings on My Mind

“Feelings on My Mind” is a captivating genre-blending song by the talented Ford Chupik. It’s refreshing, and it sounds unlike anything else out there. An amazing talent who has a bright future ahead of him.

Monthly Listeners: 10,890

Bunny Lowe — Nicoteen

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Bunny Lowe delivers a gorgeous vocal performance built over a solid indie-pop production. Overall, this song gives me Lana Del Rey vibes.

Monthly Listeners: 27,796

King Kofi — Ghetto

Hard-hitting and laced with clever wordplay, North London’s King Kofi’s “Ghetto” is an excellent track which effortlessly blends alternative rap and indie with elements of jazz.

Monthly Listeners: 22, 602


Atlanta-based singer-songwriter Cashma should really be one of the biggest artists in the world right now. “KISSES IN THE NIGHT” is the perfect late night vibe. Her breathtaking vocals flow beautifully over the striking production.

Monthly Listeners: 8,890

MOZA KALIZA — Nightmares

I’ve been looking for an R&B artist who creates music with a hip-hop bounce like EMI used to do. And I’m so glad I stumbled on MOZA KALIZA’s music— a beautiful accident I must say. “Nightmares” caught my attention the most. Bouncy production, catch melodies and an overall, stunning performance.

Monthly Listeners: 27,572

Skip Waiters — ACTIN’

Although “ACTIN'” is quite short, Skip Waiters soulful vocal performance and melodic rap flow instantly drew me in. This has been on repeat.

Monthly Listeners: 6,691

Basha — @ me

We featured Canadian artist Basha a few months ago, and I’m still surprised he’s still not getting the attention he deserves. His most recent single “@ me” is a fantastic alternative R&B banger.

Monthly Listeners: 507

Myles Lloyd — Monster

Montreal, Canada’s Myles Lloyd has a captivating R&B sound that instantly connected with me. Although he’s had support from the likes of Ones to Watch, EARMILK and Wonderland Magazine in the past, he’s still so criminally underrated.

Monthly Listeners: 8,781

Angelicca — ACE

If you know me, you know I love my dark R&B music, and Swedish artist Angelicca is one of the best new artists within that subgenre. Dark, moody, and atmospheric, “ACE” is perfect for late night drives or those lonely nights thinking about someone.

Monthly Listeners: 27,115

Scout — Rather Be Blind

London-based artist Scout writes and produces her own music. Her infectiously catchy music combines alternative pop and dream pop. Songs like “Rather Be Blind” and “California Dreaming” sound like they should be in Hollywood blockbuster movies. She’s arguably the most talented unknown artist in London, UK.

Monthly Listeners: 204

To all the artists on this list, if you’re reading this— keep going, you’re one editorial playlist away from gaining traction.

Featured Image: Ford Chupik

S.H. Orchid — Say Goodbye