HEN$HAW Unveils Garage-Tinged Cut “4AM”

Emerging rapper HEN$HAW returns with new single “4AM”.

After kicking off 2021 with the Grime-infused “COZY”, 20 year-old London-based rapper HEN$HAW once again showcases his versatility by unveiling the garage-tinged cut “4AM”. Laced with infectious melodies throughout, he details his experience of being in a situation where he knows he won’t end up going home after a party, so therefore he just has to accept what’s to come. With production by longtime friend and frequent collaborator goodbyechase, HEN$HAW has delivered another solid effort with replay value as well as an important messages towards the end of the song: the dangers of being out late alone in a big city like London.

I wrote ‘4AM’ because I knew it was going to be relatable to most people, we’ve all been in a situation where we know were not gonna end up going home from a party and just have to accept whats to come. But its not simply a song about partying although it may appear that way when you first listen, like most of my other music I like to sprinkle messages in the writing, and you will see honesty and reflection in my music and that doesnt change with ‘4AM’” — HEN$HAW

Stream “4AM” below:

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Photo Credit: Sorin D

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