Swedish newcomer GTFO Franky shares debut single “SEE THROUGH”

After Canada, Sweden is probably the second country in the world that blesses us with the most promising artists, and also has a plethora of mainstream artists doing well globally. Today, we’d like to introduce you to GTFO Franky, an emerging artist from Sweden whose influenced by a wide range of genres such as pop, R&B, 70’s rock, classical and film music. His debut single “SEE THROUGH” is an electronic-centred soulful pop track with sprinkles of R&B dedicated to people who are or have been stuck with bad habits, and still stand still in their life because of it. Built over a compelling production, GTFO Franky delivers a mesmeric vocal performance on a track that showcases his immense potential as an artist.

“To everyone who tries but nothing seems good enough. To everyone who builds a front to be able to deny the truth instead of grasping it. I’ve been there. Honestly, I AM there, more or less all the time. Thats when I feel alone. I hope someone out there will hear this song and relate, and not feel as lonely anymore”GTFO Franky.

Stream “SEE THROUGH” below:

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