Glass Forest Unveil “I Remember” Music Video

Vancouver, BC-based indie pop group Glass Forest unveil the music video for their new single “I Remember”.

“I Remember” is a collaboration between Glass Forest and Abby Wale, a singer-songwriter who previously dated band member Nick in the past — inspiring the song which tells the story of two people going through this kind of situation. Both acts tried to be as open and honest as they could throughout the writing process, as the lyrical content is about a sensitive subject — jealousy; from two different perspectives of their past relationship. Overall, it’s a beautiful song that will resonate with many listeners, accompanied by a visually striking music video directed by Amos Leblanc and Jordan Clarke.

“Sometimes our minds fill in the blanks and jealousy can get out of hand, ultimately causing our relationships to implode. Sometimes you look back on past relationships in a different light and while you still have an appreciation for the love you shared, you also realise that your feelings have changed and it can never be the same”Glass Forest.

Watch video below:

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