Ghostly Kisses — Keep It Real

Ghostly Kisses releases captivating ethereal anthem “Keep It Real”, taken from upcoming album Darkroom

French-Canadian singer-songwriter Margaux Sauvé and producer Louis-Étienne Santais, better known as the dream pop duo Ghostly Kisses, have sparked excitement for their upcoming album, Darkroom, with the release of their mesmerising new single, “Keep It Real”.

Collaborating with renowned producer Oli Bayston, known for his work with artists such as Rachel Chinouriri, Olivia Dean, Barry Can’t Swim and Yuné Pinku, the track delves into nuances of relationships, exploring the themes of authenticity and emotional vulnerability. Overall, the production weaves around Margaux’s enchanting vocals to create a captivating soundscape that draws listeners into a mesmerising sonic experience.

“This track stands out as one of the darkest and most impactful pieces on the album. It was inspired by the narratives shared in the Box of Secrets, where individuals wrestled with deciphering the thoughts of others and sought to shed light on complex situations. We wanted to create as many melodic hooks as possible, while keeping the harmonic direction voluntarily changing to put emphasis on the shifting story behind the song.”Margaux Sauvé.

Stream “Keep It Real” below:

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