Bamster x Lallita — S.N.O.G.

Irish producer Bamster flirts with a playful Y2K-referencing electro sound on new single “S.N.O.G.”

Ah… that sweet feeling of nostalgia. When you used to download songs onto your iPod Touch; when Woolworths was a thing; when you used to obsessively watch ‘Snog Marry Avoid?’. Irish producer Bamster takes us back to this simpler time with his new single “S.N.O.G.” (the visuals for which actually parody that very BBC Three programme). Recruiting singer-songwriter Lallita for vocal duties, the track has a frenetic, playful soundscape which is infused with a plethora of glitchy, wibbly electro-dance sounds (including token ‘mwah’ sound effects, of course) that takes the listener on a retro journey. Forget 2k24 – Y2K is back!

Stream “S.N.O.G.” below:

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