frogi Shares New Single “millisecond”

LA-based singer, songwriter and producer frogi shares new single “millisecond”.

Written mid quarantine, while she experienced intense moments of reflection and inspiration within the solitude and isolation, frogi has delivered an impressive new single filled with emotion. Lyrically, the song is about the relationship with her family during her childhood and teenage years. Her vocal performance is both breathtaking and alluring as it flawlessly matches with the electronic-centred production. Overall, “millisecond” is an enjoyable and emotionally-driven alt-pop song many listeners will be able to relate to in some way.

“I have been doing a lot of reflecting on my life during these past few months. One of the biggest themes that I’ve uncovered is my belief that I don’t need other people’s help – especially my family’s. At a young age I was convinced that my emotions would convince others that I am weak, and I began to only feel things behind closed doors in my childhood bedroom. The emotional suppression backfired. I ran away from home at 16, and that time in my life has been a big hole in my heart for many years. This is about admitting that I did need my family. I did need other humans. It’s about that moment (or “millisecond”) that changed everything – the start of when I started to forgive them and myself” frogi.

Stream “millisecond” below:

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Photo Credit: Julian Marvin

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