Anuka’s New Single “When It Rains” Is A Certified Tear-Jerker

Dutch singer, songwriter and producer Anuka’s new single “When It Rains” is a certified tear-jerker.

Infused with acoustic and electronic elements, Anuka’s new single “When It Rains” is a beautifully-sung tear-jerker about setting pain free. Being in a long-term relationship with the idea of spending the rest of your life with that one person and to sadly part away, for some it can be difficult to recover from that heartbreak. Anuka had spent two years when she realised it was time to be done with feeling heartbroken from her past relationship. “When It Rains” is emotive, reflective and also a passionate alternative R&B jam that places Anuka among some of the best emerging artists within that genre.

“‘When it Rains’ tells my story of giving into the pain of letting go. The acoustic and electronic elements in the production represent both the vulnerable and confident state of mind to let tears flow freely. I hope it inspires people to make room for their hurt and enables to cry uncontrollably”Anuka.

Stream “When It Rains” below:

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