Fresh Sounds [24/05/2019]

Discover some fresh new sounds and add them to your playlists.

Sirenety — Cold Water

Mysterious London-based singer-songwriter Sirenety returns with another vocally stunning single titled “Cold Water”.

Patois — Listen

Patois is the alias of artist and producer Daniel Johnson, and his latest single “Listen” is a fantastic song with a lot of replay value.

Black Grapefruit — Crypt Keeper

Black Grapefruit shines on the breathtaking “Crypt Keeper” — the New York-based singer-songwriter alluring vocals match the well-polished production.

Kai Khan — Body Bones

Hailing from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — Kai Khan moved to London, UK to pursue a career in music, her latest single “Body Bones” is a smooth R&B track worth a listen.

The One Eyed Kid — Rebandon

Not much is know about The One Eyed Kid, but his latest single “Rebandon” is an outstanding track that infuses both alternative R&B and alternative pop to perfection.

888 — Pins & Needle

“Pins & Needle” is a smooth and electrifying track that will instantly connect with you. The vocals are mesmeric throughout, and the production sounds anthemic.

Joya Mooi — I Can Do Better

Dutch singer-songwriter Joya Mooi impresses on the smooth and soulful R&B track “I Can Do Better”, proving that there’s talent in mainland Europe within the R&B genre too.

Featured image: Black Grapefruit

Sandman — Bite The Bullet