Fresh Sounds [16/04/2019]

We’ve had over 100 submissions in the past few days — below is a list of our favourite songs from those submissions. An eclectic selection featuring unsigned and emerging acts from all around the world.

Chloe Castro — Drunk

Sarah Isabella — Dangerous Trip

Brian Walker x Zenon — Forever I Swear

Iiiconic — Whip

Bells Atlas — Final Ceiling

Zero — Left Alone

Abbie Ozard — Growing Pains

M’Lynn — Paralyzed

Patiotic x Sophia Garvey — Doesn’t Matter

Pheeyownah — Scent/Sweat

Tracy Irve — Games

Fabich — Can’t Even Be

Szandra Mayer — Never Really Good Enough

Featured image: Sarah Isabella

Kathy Katouzi — AFTERPARTY!