Fia Moon Flips Heartbreak On Its Head In New Single “XX”

Rising star Fia Moon flips heartbreak on its head in new single “XX”.

Rising Irish singer-songwriter Fia Moon returns to a dark sound previously heard on “Water Runs Through” in her new single “XX”, the second of a six single mixtape she has planned for 2020 and also the follow up single to “better days”.

With a powerful and emotional vocal performance built over a lush production with trap elements, the song explores the break-up of a relationship. There’s an instant emotional connection for listeners who have experienced heartbreak before— also “XX” stands out from other songs within the alternative pop genre with its catchiness, making it an enjoyable listen with high replay value.

I had recorded a voice note of the chorus melody and lyrics one night, which I played to Misha and Tannergard at our session. From that, we started talking about how I was feeling being newly single and about my most recent ex but also about my first boyfriend. We were laughing because they were getting confused between the two, so we would call one ‘x’ and the other ‘xx’, which is where the title came from” — Fia Moon.

Stream “XX” below:

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