Femi Tahiru Shares Excellent New Single “The Weekend”

Manchester-based singer-songwriter Femi Tahiru shares excellent new single “The Weekend”.

Produced with Luke Mac (part of the Disciples trio) and Baga, Femi Tahiru’s new single “The Weekend” is the follow up single to debut releases “What You Want” and “Time For It”. Tahiru delivers a soulful vocal performance over a production that combines genres such as rock, pop and R&B to create an outstanding song with replay value. This is the type of song we’d love to watch live at a gig or a festival.

“It takes you through the journey of being at a gathering or a social event with your partner, and feeling quite alone and distant from everything and everyone once your partner leaves — leaving you in a world of confusion and anxiousness. Of course you may find yourself intoxicated in these situations, and that’s what I am, which makes the whole scenario bigger than it already is- like I’m having a bad trip, and she’s not there to calm me down”Femi Tahiru.

Stream “The Weekend” below:

Watch the music video below:

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