Fabian Secon Shares New EP “I See Things Others Can’t”

London-based singer, songwriter and producer Fabian Secon has unveiled his brand new EP titled I See Things Others Can’t. The five-track EP arrives after recently surpassing 20 million streams across all platforms, an outstanding achievement by the independent artist. The EP follows previous projects Until We Meet Again alongside 5ive Beatz in 2017 and Don’t Disturb in 2016 and sees Fabian experimenting more with his sound.

“Each song has its own personality and expression, ranging from uplifting emotions to depressing places and rebellion. The EP’s title and concept revolves around the idea that sometimes I’m in my own world and only I can feel and visualise certain things around me. I always like to be one step ahead creatively and sonically too. For this project, I wanted to push my own boundaries. I created a more progressive sound with tracks like ‘Small’, which is very melodic and pop-R&B driven, while keeping a more familiar dark and eerie sound on others, such as ‘One More Day’ [co-produced by Jacob Manson]. I wanted to show growth and capabilities of what else I can do but also pay homage to what has been successful for me previously.” — Fabian Secon.

Despite taking a more melodic route and doing so without a misstep, there’s two energetic songs on this dynamic EP that will be on repeat for some listeners — “like a bat” and the standout track “NUMB”. Both tracks maintain this dark undertone that you hear throughout the project, whilst infusing several genres together making it rather difficult to box Fabian Secon in to one particular genre.

Listen to I See Things Others Can’t below:

Fabian Secon will be headlining our next gig at the Camden Assembly on 31st July. Tickets available here.

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