Ellysse Mason — Cry Baby

Manchester’s rising singer-songwriter Ellysse Mason returns with stunning new single “Cry Baby”

Taken from her forthcoming EP, Wish The World Was Ending, slated for release later this year on Rainbow Woods Records, Manchester’s Ellysse Mason has made a triumphant return with her stunning new single, “Cry Baby”.

Produced by Ed Graves, “Cry Baby” unfolds over a soaring alt-pop production as Mason reflects on a relationship gone sour. With poignant lyricism, she highlights the emotional manipulation and lack of accountability from a previous partner, whose red flags were off the charts. Against a backdrop of soaring melodies, Mason’s vocals convey the raw emotion of her journey towards healing and self-discovery— “Cry Baby” is the perfect anthem for those overcoming traumatic relationships.

“In a way, writing “Cry Baby” was my CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). It helped me process and heal from the fallout left behind from that relationship. It also held up a mirror to me, and showed me where I’ve been self-destructive , why I attract those kinds of relationships and friendships, and why I couldn’t work out what was going wrong.” — Ellysse Mason.

Stream “Cry Baby” below:

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