Ellie Gadzos — Fiji

Canadian newcomer Ellie Gadzos unveils debut single “Fiji”

We’ve heard so many great debut singles this year, and Canadian newcomer Ellie Gadzos’ debut single “Fiji” joins that list of great debuts. She possesses a sense of self-assuredness and confidence that can take decades to develop— despite her young age. As an artist, she has developed a sound that stands out from the rest, and this is on full display on the excellent “Fiji” — a gorgeous song about wanting to run away and restart. Her vocal performance is breathtaking, and it floats beautifully over the indie pop production. Canada has so many amazing up and coming artists, and Ellie Gadzos is now one of them. Remember the name.

“I think everyone has wanted to run far away and restart at some point. When I wrote this song, I wished I could leave Ottawa behind and start fresh on a faraway island. At the time, rumours kept me apart from the person I had feelings for, and it made me think that if we could disappear and getaway, it would solve all of our problems”Ellie Gadzos.

Stream “Fiji” below:

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