Elley Duhé — MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT (Video)

Rising star Elley Duhé shares music video for “MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT”

We always knew Elley Duhé would be a star. Towards the end of last summer she went viral on TikTok with her 2020 track “MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT”— a captivating track that was slept on when it was released.

She recently released a visually striking music video directed by Loris Russier where you see her transporting to different locations around the world and embracing the journey of searching far and wide for her lover.

There are artists who go viral and are only known for that one hit, but when new fans start digging deep into Elley’s discography, they’re going to discover some of the best pop music ever created in recent years— she’s pop music’s best kept secret. But for now, please do enjoy this brilliant music video.

Watch the music video below:

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