Eli Moon Shares Brilliant New Single “killmeinmysleep”

South Londoner Eli Moon shares brilliant new single “killmeinmysleep”.

There are artists who chase success or fame, and there are other artists who take their time mastering their craft and developing their own unique sound that stands out from the rest. South London-based singer, songwriter and producer Eli Moon is the latter. Despite garnering strong support from the likes of BBC Radio 1, Notion, CLASH, The Line of Best Fit, Complex and more, Moon is still relatively and surprisingly unknown here in the UK. It’s no surprise as the focus in recent years has shifted towards viral hitmakers, but the word viral is no longer synonymous with the word terrible today. However, we’re longing for artists who have the potential to not only be successful based on the quality of their music, but also have a long lasting music career, and Eli Moon has the potential to be consistent as well as have a long-term music career.

His new single “killmeinmysleep” is an outstanding track written, produced and recorded in quarantine— with its acoustic guitar melody and a pitched down vocal performance, there’s an hauntingly beautiful vibe throughout this song despite its dark undertones. Add this to your playlists.

“I wrote and produced ‘killmeinmysleep’ from the bedroom in my childhood home. The song is an introspective expression of the both the inner turmoil I face everyday with not wanting to deal with people and the self-sabotaging results of that behaviour. With all that’s going on in the world today, I think it’s fair to say we have all found ourselves feeling claustrophobic and out of touch with reality and if this song can help ease the tension for just one individual, then I have done my job” — Eli Moon.

Stream “killmeinmysleep” below:

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